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We provide online therapy services throughout the state of Illinois. This includes the cities of Chicago, Springfield, Rockford, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Elgin, Peoria, Champaign, Waukegan, and beyond. Please reach out if you have any questions about location and our ability to serve you via remote, telehealth and online counseling services

Articles from Virtual Therapy Clinic

Childhood Trauma in Adults
Katherine Wheeler, MA, LPC, EMDR-T

Do you ever find yourself thinking about a memory from childhood and go “wait a second.. that was really messed up!”? As adults we gain different perspectives on our childhood experiences. We wonder if our experiences as a kid classify as childhood trauma. Childhood trauma can impact us in many ways from our mental health, physical health, relationships, and even work performance.

Hello Beautiful! How to Love Yourself and The Power of Self-esteem
Keiko Izumi, MA, LCPC, EMDR-C

Self-love is a state of mind in which we appreciate our own being: mentally, emotionally and physically. It means we respect ourselves for knowing what our needs are and how to take care of those. By loving ourselves, others may perceive us as selfish because we stop sacrificing ourselves or we simply stay true to ourselves by pursuing what is important to us or gives us joy. Self-love is a healthy respect toward ourselves, regardless of how it seems to others who might devalue the power of self-love. It holds the key to better mental health.

What is childhood trauma?
Katherine Wheeler, MA, LPC, EMDR-T

Childhood is often depicted as a stress-free period in life, full of playfulness, fantasy, and exploration. In-between those times or maybe in the absence of those times, exposure to traumatic events can elicit feelings of fear, danger, or shame. Processing those emotions is difficult enough for an adult; processing these feelings as a child easily overwhelms our ability to cope. This is childhood trauma.