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We provide online therapy services throughout the state of Illinois. This includes the cities of Chicago, Springfield, Rockford, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Elgin, Peoria, Champaign, Waukegan, and beyond. Please reach out if you have any questions about location and our ability to serve you via remote, telehealth and online counseling services

Articles from Virtual Therapy Clinic

Potential Signs of Trauma After A Mass Shooting Event
Rachael Miller, MA, LCPC, NCC, EAC, EMDR-C

It is with a heavy heart that we respond to yet another mass shooting event, this one at our front door. On July 4th 2022 our Highland Park, Illinois community experienced the unthinkable. We also recognize that many in our Chicago community are impacted by gun violence and mass shootings daily. It is important to understand how these events affect our mental and emotional wellbeing. As we continue to process mass shootings and gun violence, there are symptoms of trauma we want you to understand so you know when to get extra help.

Yoga and Mental Health, The Science of Trauma Recovery and the Brain
Carliann Pentz, MA, LSW, EMDR-T

When you hear the word “yoga”, what do you think of? A crowded, hot classroom of people wearing tight exercise clothes; their sweat flying onto the person next to them as they move quickly from pose to pose? A teacher humming and chanting before guiding their students into a meditation while they lay on their mats, covered in thick blankets? Or perhaps a class full of blocks, bolsters, and other mysterious props with that person going from a handstand into a pose you are not sure is humanly possible? While yoga can include all of these situations and more, it's important to know that practicing yoga can soothe, heal, and strengthen more than just the physical body: the deep wounds of emotional trauma and other mental health issues can be addressed in a safe way.

Hello Beautiful! How to Love Yourself and The Power of Self-esteem
Keiko Izumi, MA, LCPC, EMDR-C

Self-love is a state of mind in which we appreciate our own being: mentally, emotionally and physically. It means we respect ourselves for knowing what our needs are and how to take care of those. By loving ourselves, others may perceive us as selfish because we stop sacrificing ourselves or we simply stay true to ourselves by pursuing what is important to us or gives us joy. Self-love is a healthy respect toward ourselves, regardless of how it seems to others who might devalue the power of self-love. It holds the key to better mental health.