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Dental phobia is a real and common issue that can have serious consequences for your oral health. Ignoring dental visits can lead to deteriorating oral health, causing more pain and expense in the long run.

Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia Experiences

Do you?

  • Avoid making dental appointments due to fear
  • Need sedation dentistry or gas for procedures that would otherwise not be required
  • Experience anxiety, acute stress, or hypervigilence when hearing dental drill sounds
  • Or more?

Dental Anxiety vs Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety is a common fear or apprehension experienced before or during dental visits, often due to past negative experiences or fear of pain. It may cause discomfort but typically does not prevent individuals from seeking dental care when necessary. Never the less, dental anxiety can cause significant stress and can even lower your quality of life(2). It also all but guarantees an unplesent trip to the dentist! Treatment for dental anxiety can help turn trips to the dentist from something you avoid into a positive self-care experience.

Dental phobia is an intense, irrational fear that leads to avoidance of dental visits altogether, often resulting in severe consequences for oral health. Phobia involves a heightened level of fear that significantly impacts daily life and requires professional intervention to address. Our experts can treat  phobias at the root cause and enable you to take back control of your life.

Understanding the Prevalence of Dental Anxiety.

Dental anxiety, or dental fear, impacts about 36% of the population(1)

An additional 12% experiencing extreme dental fear(1)

Overcome Dental Phobia with Tailored Therapeutic Support.

Our team of experienced therapists specializes in helping individuals overcome dental anxiety and phobias. Through personalized counseling sessions, we address the root causes of your fears and equip you with coping strategies to manage anxiety during dental visits. You deserve a healthy smile without the burden of fear holding you back.

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Rachel Cooper - counselor and EMDR specialist

Rachel Cooper, MSW, LSW, EMDR

Rachael is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) dedicated to helping individuals overcome dental phobias and anxiety. With specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Rachel offers a unique approach to address the root causes of fear and trauma associated with dental visits. Combining expertise in mental health with a deep understanding of dental anxiety, Rachel provides compassionate support and evidence-based therapy to guide clients towards reclaiming their oral health with confidence.