Unlocking the Dread - Part 2: 9 Outcomes of Successful Dental Anxiety, Dental Fear, and Dental Phobia Treatment

Original Publishing Date:
March 8, 2024
Last Update:
March 8, 2024

As many as 36% of patients desiring routine dental care experience some level of dental fear or anxiety. This can significantly impact one’s willingness to seek treatment or to participate in necessary procedures for health. There are symptoms of dental phobia and dental anxiety that are important to recognize. Once  you understand your dental anxiety symptoms you can seek out treatment options and look forward to ongoing smooth dental visits.

What relief can I look forward to if I seek successful treatment of my dental phobia or dental anxiety?

For an individual without dental anxiety or dental phobia, a dental experience is likely to be a routine and relatively stress-free event. Here's a description of a typical dental experience for someone who is comfortable with dental visits:

1. Ease of Appointment Scheduling:

  • The person schedules regular dental check-ups without hesitation, typically following recommended timelines (e.g., every six months).

2. Little to no Pre-Appointment Preparation:

  • There is minimal anxiety or worry leading up to the appointment.
  • The individual follows oral hygiene practices regularly and may even look forward to receiving positive feedback from the dentist.

3. Relaxed Arrival to the Dental Office:

  • The person arrives at the dental office on time, feeling calm and at ease.
  • Checking in and providing necessary information to the front desk staff is a routine and non-stressful process.

4. Easy Waiting Room Experience:

  • While waiting, the individual may engage in reading a magazine, using their mobile device, or simply relaxing without noticeable signs of nervousness.

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5. Composure During the Dental Examination:

  • The dental hygienist and dentist are greeted with a friendly demeanor, and there's open communication about any changes or concerns since the last visit.
  • The individual is comfortable sitting in the dental chair, and there's no visible tension or apprehension.

6. Amenable Dental Procedures:

  • Routine dental procedures, such as a cleaning and examination, are well-tolerated.
  • The person follows instructions from the dental team without hesitation, allowing for a smooth and efficient process.

7. Open Communication:

  • The individual feels comfortable discussing oral health habits, any concerns, or potential issues with the dentist.
  • There's a mutual understanding between the individual and the dental team, fostering a positive and collaborative relationship.

8. Health Focused Future Appointment Planning:

  • After the appointment, the person schedules the next check-up without hesitation, maintaining a proactive approach to oral health.

9. Overall Experience:

  • The entire dental experience is viewed as a routine and necessary part of maintaining good oral health.
  • There is a sense of confidence and trust in the dental professionals, and the individual leaves the office without lingering stress or anxiety.

Where can I get successful treatment for my dental phobia and dental anxiety?

For someone without dental anxiety or phobia, a dental experience is typically characterized by a sense of routine, comfort, and a proactive approach to oral health. The individual is likely to approach dental visits as a regular part of self-care, contributing to a positive overall experience.

We specialize in providing online virtual treatment of dental phobias and dental anxiety. Whether you are looking for dental appointments to ease mild to moderate anxiety or to treat significant dental phobias, we are here to help you get started. During the initial appointment, your mental health therapist will conduct an intake assessment, work with you to determine specific goals and outcomes, and will formulate a plan for you. To get started and book an initial appointment with our dental phobia and anxiety specialists, please schedule a free consultation!

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